Why Create and Maintain a Blog?

Living in Italy we stared to capture things through iPhones apps such as Delectable for the wines we drink, Yelp for the restaurants and attractions that we try, and Trip Advisor for things associated with travel. This allowed us to records our activities, learn from others and were able to pay it forward with our own contributions.

As we started to educate ourselves with what was available online for the cruising lifestyle, a great deal of it, if not the majority of it, was from blog-based sites. We plan to use this blog for the same kind repository of activities, but specific to those items that take us one step closer to living aboard.

So we’ll capture our experiences here, warts and all, as our little contribution within the growing community of those who, like us, would like to eventually cut the dock lines.

Where does the name Low Flite come from?

A couple of reasons. (John likes to sound fancy and say it’s a double entendre)

First, most aviation enthusiast will have encountered a poem called High Flight, written by an RCAF pilot John Gillespie Magee Jr. Our John (Casey) was also an RCAF pilot, although only a “lowly” helicopter pilot.

Helicopter pilots have a reputation to be cowboy-like (among other qualities) and rather impertinent to the more glamorous fighter and airline pilot cliché. As a result, it wasn’t long until there was a helicopter counter to the poem High Flight called Low Flight.

Second, if you Google the definition of “flite” (or flyte) you find it’s an anachronistic Scotish/English spelling of the word that means a “dispute, wrangle or scolding.” Since it’s a well-established stereotype, with lots of justification, that couples will inevitably end up in all sorts of arguments and fights, or perhaps, “dispute, wrangle or scolding” we decided the opposite of that was something to aim for, and hence the name.

Do you use affiliate links?

Yes. We are members of the Amazon Associates Program, so if a link shows you a product description on Amazon, and then you buy something, we get a tiny amount for directing traffic to the product. This amount helps pay for the site. We also have a few iTunes Affiliate links associated with software or movies that works in much the same way. Please note that the seller pays the commission in these cases, not you as a prospective buyer.


  • Gina says:

    Hey there…..hope all is going well..,.Happy New Year….all the best enjoy the warm weather we are currently freezing right now

    • Hey Gina!! We’re doing quite well adjusting to life on a boat. We ran into some stormy weather in Long Island Bahamas…it’s only 20C with lots of wind and some rain. The local Bahamians are freezing. We’re getting lots of project done while we’re stuck on the boat this weekend. Hope you had a nice holiday break. Sending warm hugs!

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