This page list the growing number of links that we have used. Hopefully they’ll be help to others as well. If you know of any other good ones, please let us know.


Sailing/Cruising Forums

General Knowledge/Portals


  • Distant Shores. The TV show that got us interested in cruising, from fellow Canadians Paul and Sheryl Shard.
  • Zero To Cruising. Another couple we found early on, Mike and Rebecca Sweeney from Kingston ON.
  • Gone With The Wynns. Jason and Nikki trade in their RV to go sailing.
  • Waterborne. Started life as Young & Salty. Focused on the “younger” 20-40 generation’s perspective.
  • Sailing La Vagabonde. Two Aussies sailing around the world.
  • SV Delos. Probably the best known YouTube sailing channel out there.
  • Women And Cruising. Dedicated to helping women, but don’t be too proud to visit if you’re a guy. A great deal of information here.
  • SV Fluenta. Max and Liz Shaw from Halifax NS.
  • Estrellita 5.10b. Livia and Carol out of Vancouver Island BC.
  • Cygnus III. Well made, slightly irreverent site by Mark & Angelina Roope.
  • SV Two Fish. A well made and comprehensive site from Jason and Gail on their Antares 44i.

Organizations/Education/Training Sites




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