Boat Names

One of the items our paperwork guy reminded us of was the rather important fact that we need to choose a boat name.

Transport Canada has a website where you can do a search whether name is already taken. They also have a rule that the name can’t sound too similar to one already in existence, but don’t explain what that means in practice.

I, of course, already have one picked out. It’s clever on many levels, two words, mono-syllabic (which is important when trying to relay the name over a bad radio connection) and easy to spell.

Christa has contributed on her end by saying she, “isn’t sure about that one” but hasn’t come up with her own suitable replacement.

While looking for something to help her decide, I came across a website, where you can “search, browse, and research more than 26,000 boat names from all over the world. Results include home port and boat brand/model. Also featuring the most popular sailboat names.”

10,000 Boat Names¬†should help her with her task…along with the public shaming that I have potentially caused here as well.





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