Caribbean Cruising Christmas – Getting There

Even before we got anywhere near the boat, the (mis)adventures had already started.

John had ordered a nifty underwater camera that we were looking forward to trying out while SCUBA diving. It was a SeaLife Micro 2.0 that is getting great reviews. When he placed the order the vender indicated delivery estimate 15-18 Dec. Since we planned to leave on the 18th, this would be a problem, so John offered to pay more for shipping that would arrive in time. Well, of course the vender said that he was using 2-day delivery and the estimate was wrong. It will make it here for sure.  By the time Friday came around, we were all packed and ready to leave Montgomery and there was still no camera. Grrr!

Since our flight was departing from Atlanta early Saturday morning, our plan was to drive there Friday afternoon at around 1400. Unfortunately a huge traffic accident on I-85 had brought Montgomery traffic heading north towards Atlanta to a halt for several hours that afternoon, and was causing havoc for us trying to leave town. We wanted to get away mid-afternoon but waited, hoping the camera might show up and traffic would start moving…but alas, it was not meant to be. We left late afternoon using an alternate route and some clever navigation, but without the camera (bummer!), and took the scenic route out of town to avoid the chaos on I-85.

We always stay at the Renaissance Airport Hotel right on the flight line to enjoy good long-term parking rates and a free shuttle service. Their restaurant offers a pretty decent meal selection, and of course, they have lots of cold tasty beer. We had made contact with the captain enroute so all was ready for us when we planned to arrive in St. Thomas.


The only trauma at the hotel is always the glass elevator ride to the 11th floor for me since I’m terrified of heights….oh, my, how will I ever make it up a mast?!

It was our first time flying with Spirit Air, and we had a stress-free comfortable trip, despite their low ratings on and They portray a Southwest or WestJet vibe by trying to be cool & hip with some jokes in the cabin. Overall no problems and we’d consider using them again.

After a 2 hour connection in Ft Lauderdale, we arrived at the Cyril E. King Airport in St. Thomas, USVI to the distinctive feel of warm breezes and Caribbean sound of kettle drum music…somehow played through a guitar and accordion(!)


Let the vacation begin!


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