COLREGS Mnemonic

People generally like using mnemonics to help us remember things. We are no exception.

For example, when we were learning how to sail, our instructor Stephen from Sailing School Malta taught us a couple for when dealing with the mail. We came up with our own and these are in our Enroute Checklist in our Links:

Pucker to – Preventer
Kiss – Kicker
Mother – Mainsheet
Theresa – Topping Lift


Tropical – Toping Lift
Mutant – Mainsheet
Kissable – Kicker
Pilot – Preventer

Mike and Rebecca of fame posted a US Power Squadrons COLREGS hierarchy chart on their Facebook Page with an easy mnemonic to help remember some broad categories.

New – Not under command
Reels – Restricted in ability to maneuver
Catch – Constrained by draft
Fish – Fishing (commercial)
So – Sailing
Purchase – Power
Some – Seaplane


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