mzl.lbvjrukr[1]Yes, we’re neglecting our blog since our recent move, but just to remind anyone watching that we are still here, we came across a neat little COLREGS guide put out by Coeval Inc. The proper name for these is actually the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCS), but folks tend to just use COLREGS, short for Collisions Regulations.

We know nothing about Coeval Inc. so we can’t endorse them for anything other than this guide.

What we did appreciate was that they produced a COLREGS guide that they are distributing through, likely to help them spread the word about their training/consulting business.

The site let’s you specify the price that you are willing to pay:

We entered $0.00 and it looked like it was going to complete the transaction but we stared to feel guilty and instead entered $1.00 <rolleyes>.

It gives you the option to pay with a card or via PayPal.

The guide is a bit unique in that they use little punch-lines that rhyme to help you remember the answer, and they even include things like WIGs, or Wing in Ground Effect vehicles which I had not seen on a guide before. You’ll likely never encounter one in person unless you’re around Russia, but you can pull this one out at parties…

I’m sure it will help, so take a look.

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