Weather Radar in The Bahamas via The Cuban Meteorological Institute

We’ve been gunkholing around Long Island for the past few weeks, not venturing too far away since the weather has been unsettled. Even with internet access, one of the problems in the “out islands” can be finding weather radar or good satellite loop coverage for the area you are in. The Bahamas doesn’t appear to have its own weather radar, at least we can’t find it, and the NOAA coverage for Florida seems to end right where we are.

While everyone was expecting the next front to blow through today, someone came on the net (spoke up on a common radio frequency) and suggested going to the following website for a good radar picture:; INSMET – Instituto de Meteorologia de la Republica de Cuba



Do they even have computers there?

They sure do, and we should have known better and thought to check some of their very useful resources available since we’re actually closer to Cuba here than Florida. We’ve discussed that if we venture further south in the Jumentos or Ragged Islands, whether we might just do the final 60 miles to Cuba to say we have done it.

The website has a very good radar loop that covers right where we are located (in the red circle) and beyond. It also provides links to other useful weather information on the net.

If you don’t like fumbling through a Spanish website, just use the translate function in Google or semi-automatically with the Google browser, Chrome. Right click and it’s translated for you.

Technology has certainly made things (like translating your newly discovered Cuban radar site) much easier!


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