We’ve gone from being able to tie a bowline in the dark (or with our eyes closed) to having to look it up again!

We have a couple of good books on knots, but instead we entered “knots” in Google to see what came up. Here are a couple.

Animated Knots By Grog has a whole host of topics, including of course Boating Knots. All the ones I have looked at have stop motion pictures, and very helpful showing you how they’re done.There is also a usage and options page called Boating Knot Usage which is good for general information, depending on what you need to do.

Net Knots is another useful site that has a wide variety of topics which shows a how-to manual format, graphic animation, and YouTube video of various knots you’ll need or want. There is even a section on neckties, scarves and pocket squares! Even though we’re not affiliated, the site does serve as a vehicle to sell reference cards and advertise knot-related apps.


Handling Storms At Sea
Blue Water Boats

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