Letters From the Lost Soul

We just finished reading another book from Bob Bitchin.

Letters From The Lost Soul is the sequel to Biker to Sailor even though the first edition came out 15 years prior. We read Biker To Sailor first, by accident, so we managed to get them in the right order chronologically. More of the same from Bob with lots of entertaining anecdotes. You won’t learn how to sail in a technical sense by reading this book, but that is not the reason to read it.

Since we’re gluttons for punishment, and Amazon Prime is such a great service, we order The Sailing Life at the same time. It is the same in theme and style by the (apparently) quite prolific Bob Bitchin. His writing is more of the same as his previous books, so you will either enjoy the relaxed/colloquial style or you won’t. We are still fans after three books. This one appears to be a collection of columns/letters? from his former magazine Attitudes and Latitudes. You can find all of his works on Amazon, Cruisingoutpost.com, Seafaring.com, and Bobbitchin.com.


Biker to Sailor
Changing Course

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