Leverick Bay & Saba Rock

Each morning John enjoyed hopping in for a quick swim before contemplating the day over a coffee. Yes, that’s actually coffee in his Pusser’s Rum mug at 8am…OK maybe with some Baileys.

We spotted two turtles swimming near the mooring ball but unfortunately they swam off before I had a chance to hop in and join them. Today we were heading off to find a good snorkel place, hopefully next to Mosquito Island just across the bay from us. As we motored along in our dingy though, it seemed there weren’t any great spots to secure the dingy near the coral heads, and there was a fair amount of wind. We then decided to try heading up the channel towards Anguilla Point, to see what it might offer…and oh my, what a great choice! We anchored the dingy on a secluded beach at Blunder Bay and found fantastic snorkeling – one of the best spots I’ve ever encountered. To top it all off, it was a gorgeous sunny day so the visibility was terrific and we had this treasure all to ourselves!

Blunder Bay – Virgin Gorda

For Peggy, it was her first real snorkel adventure, having had a truly awful experience years ago with a tour group. And what an amazing snorkel for her…schools of vibrant fish and great variety, all within 30-40 ft from the shore. When we got out to take a break, a pristine beach was waiting for us with Mr. Crab standing on guard. It couldn’t have been nicer!

Mr. Crab standing on guard

Before heading across the bay to beautiful Saba Rock, we took advantage of our proximity to Leverick Bay Marina to replenish our fuel & water. When mooring overnight in Leverick Bay, water and a bag of ice are provided free with your mooring fee. As well, hot showers and laundry are available a few steps from the dock.

We moved to Saba Rock in order to enjoy sundowners and watch the famous tarpon feeding, which happens most days at 5pm. Peggy got in on the feeding action, but soon discovered the strength of the tarpon grip when the fish slab she was dangling, almost immediately disappeared between her fingers.

While watching the beautiful people, we enjoyed happy hour Painkillers but the conch fritters didn’t receive rave reviews when John chipped his tooth on a nasty piece of shell – ouch!

Leverick Bay and Bitter End area is known as a haven for watersports, which also made for great entertainment as we watched the windsurfers careen by at incredible speed only a few feet away from the docks. I was amazed at their speed, and control (thank heavens!). They definitely flew by too quickly to snap a picture.

The Saba Rock resort also has a lovely boutique, with an impressive number of artifacts from sunken ships in the local area. Most notably, on display in an open aquarium is the cracked anchor from the RMS Rhone, which sunk near Salt Island in 1867 and is now a popular dive spot.


After marveling over the artifacts, we wandered around the back side of the resort to discover a lovely seating area, again that we were able to enjoy all to ourselves while watching the sun bow out for the day.


And John having some fun…taking a picture of me taking a picture of Jeff & Peggy. Perhaps that’s why Jeff has such a natural smile in this pose.






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