Living A Dream

While Christa is toiling away with her sailing courseware, I just finished another autobiographical account of a couple who quit their jobs and moved aboard their sailboat to go cruising.

While I did expect it to be a, “we went here and we did this” story like most have been, I was interested in the author’s perspective based on her past.

The book is written by Suzanne Griesmann, who had been an aide for General Hugh Shelton, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs during the events surrounding 9/11.

The events had a profound impact on her and her husband, they considered their mortality and decided it was time to live their dream cruising aboard their boat.

It was also unique in that it detailed their first cruise that headed…north to Atlantic Canada and not the Caribbean as most people from the Eastern US tend to do.

The story is easy to get through, and was a fairly quick read. There weren’t as many anecdotes/narratives that I could learn from as I would have liked, but as it was written by “her” and not “him” it does give a different perspective to consider. I didn’t get the feeling that it was too much of a, “Look at what I did!” showing off kind of story, as she seems genuine, honest, and self-deprecating throughout. It will be interesting to see if Christa respond to Suzanne’s style when she gets around to reading it.

Here is what Christa though of it.

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  • Vanessa Orr says:

    Suzanne is a total fake. You and Christa are correct in your summations of her.

    • John Casey says:

      Hi Vanessa. We actually spoke in a positive light of Suzanne here. For example I said, “she seems genuine, honest, and self-deprecating.”

      Now, if you’re referring to the fact she is a so-called “psychic-medium and metaphysical teacher” we learned that well after reading her book.

      While such concepts don’t hold much water (see what I did there), the book is still a worthy read from a female perspective which tend to be in short supply.

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