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The companies we’re communicating with are as follows:

Dolphin Insurance Services (US)
International Marine Insurance Services (US)
The Pegasus Group (US)
Offshore Risk Management (US)
Cowan Insurance Group (CA)
Pantaenius (DE)
McMichael-Davis Marine Insurance (CA)

We have talked to 5, and waiting on 2.

Some observations so far:

– Comparing apples to apples as much as possible we have a range of .575 to 1.6% for premiums so far.
– Formal quotes and educated guesses based on the broker’s experience.
– Some details to be refined once on board will likely adjust premiums from all underwriters downward.
– Two took particular interest in our sailing resumés. Two seemed only interested when I brought it up in terms of lowering premiums.
– One said the Med was less than the Caribbean, one said can’t cover me in the Med.
– Hurricane boxes have been different sizes for each of them. Most date are to end Oct. One was for end of Nov.
– Only one said I can go to Cuba, but I will have to call to discuss.
– One company was incapable of discussing any potential policy WRT a “yet to be purchased” vessel and the fact that we did not know whether we would head north or south during hurricane season. I did not bother to keep going at that point with them.

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