Norman Island to Tortola

Our last morning on the boat! We woke at 6am to ensure Jeff and Peggy would be back in Road Town for their 10am taxi ride to the airport. It was a bit surreal to have to head back to snow and cold. We were treated to a lovely sunrise over the crest of Norman Island as we left The Bight and headed across the Drake Channel for Roadtown Marina.  I finally dug out my iPhone to start snapping a few pics of the sunrise and our great crew.


It was a gorgeous morning for a sail, however we didn’t want to tempt fate and motored across the channel, while we took turns at the helm and chatted about our favourite moments during the trip. The Bubbly Pool at Jost Van Dyke was definitely popular, as well as the always entertaining Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay. My favourite was the discovery of the fabulous “secret” snorkeling spot at Blunder Bay.

The boat had to be returned with full fuel tanks so we made a quick stop at the fuel docks – only 58 gallons used during our 10 days, not bad!  It was then time for the challenge of maneuvering up the narrow channel and into the very limited space along the dock – yikes! Yes – they expected him to “parallel park” between those two cats, oh and be sure to avoid that wharf…no pressure!!

Good thing John had lots of practice during our trip, he handled it like a pro! After he managed to squeeze us into that spot there was little more than 5′ at the bow and stern between the other boats. No bad, fitting a 45′ cat into a 55′ parking spot!

We said goodbye to Jeff and Peggy, and thanked them again for being such great crew! A couple years ago on a week-long offshore voyage, we had learned the hard way on a previous trip how important it is to have compatible people on board with you. We couldn’t have been happier with how well this trip had gone.

I headed to our cabin to finish packing and clear out the few food items remaining. Anything still unopened and edible was placed in a box for the TMM office to distribute to staff. Meanwhile John went over the boat paperwork with the check-in guy, Travis.

Now we’re back to the cold of Colorado Springs, and we’re already looking forward to our next adventure.


The Bight at Norman Island
Our last BVI sunrise for a while!

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