OK – Maybe A Few Dolphins

Only one day after Christa’s last post called, “Living on a boat isn’t all dolphins and mermaids,” it seems the Hog Cay neighbourhood dolphin figured he would have to pay us a visit and set things right.

We had seen one here most days, usually showing up at 16-1700 to eat on the reefs that are close by. Just after snorkeling one of those reefs, we jumped in the dinghy and went sight-seeing a bit. On the way home, I think Christa said she wondered if Mr. Dolphin would pay us a visit, and a few minutes later, there he (she?) was.

We didn’t catch it all on pictures/video, but we just motored slowly in a straight line and he came up to very close to us a number of times, turned on his side playfully and then would swim off. At one point we stopped and shut the motor off to jump in the water, but of course we didn’t have our masks with us, and he seemed to lose interest. We started up again and we got this video. Lucky that we brought a camera!

Living on a boat isn't all dolphins and mermaids
Captain Ron


  • Kim says:

    So cool! Love to read about your adventures.

  • Shaun Pelkey says:

    Awesome! Amazing that they come that close. Do you think it’s the sound of the motor that draws them?

    • It might be the motor that attracts them. This guy seemed disinterested when we turned off the motor and came back alongside the dinghy when we restarted it. We’ll have to experiment with that theory!

  • Christiane says:

    WOW! That’s so amazing. Sea life are just the best to watch, it’s so peaceful! It’s been wonderful see your posts, videos and pictures. Keep sharing and enjoying this new journey!

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