Sailing the Great Escape- ¡QuéBárbara!

51wv7MRTGlL._AA160_[1]I  just finished another book, Sailing the Great Escape- ¡QuéBárbara!

Whereas the previous book I read, Bumfuzzle, was a fairly comprehensive chronological accounting  of a couples circumnavigation, this book was written more as a story.  It was very well written and very easy to get through, especially from an author that does not have a literary background.

It seems that she does a good job talking about both the good and the bad, being as objective as possible, including saying some not too flattering things about some friends that travel with them on the boat.

She must have kept a ridiculously detailed log with her the whole time on the afloat, as the level of detail she goes into when describing places is quite substantial.

I was trying to get Christa to read Bumfuzzle next, which she still hasn’t started, <glaring look> but I think she will enjoy this one better, if for no other reason than it’s from a woman’s perspective.

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