The Cruising Guide To The Virgin Islands

One of the more useful items that we had for our most recent charter was The Cruising Guide To The Virgin Islands. You can see in the picture all the tabs that we used while planning before we left.


In our case the guide was included with our charter and arrived in the mail about a month before. You can find them through Amazon, or direct from the Cruising Guide Publications website.

The guide also comes with a planning chart that shows aerial photos, customs offices, fuel/water, anchorages, moorings, and anchorages w/moorings.

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The other item you can see on the right of the first picture is the BVI Marine Guide. This was picked up at the Leverick Bay grocery store, Chef’s Pantry¬†and we never looked at it until the plane ride home. It contains most of the administrative/procedural information that that the Cruising Guide does, but in a more abbreviated package. It is also sponsorship-heavy which may be an annoyance in other publications, but in this case serves to show you what services and entertainment there is at various locations. In the bottom left corner of their website main page, there is a link to an eMag format of the guide.

Note that our Cruising Guide was the 2014 edition, but the 2016 is now on the street.


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