And We’re Off!

And we’re off!


John got away from work early this afternoon, so we headed to Denver to try and beat rush hour traffic, but alas we failed. For some reason, approaching the city from the south always ends up in stop-and-go traffic on the Interstate for no apparent reason. John would add some colourful language to describe the cause as his opinion of most drivers, but we’ll skip that part.


We checkedĀ in soon enough to head across the street to have a late(ish) dinner at our normal haunt when we stay the night.

We’re employing our normal practice of flying from DEN instead of COS because of cheaper flights and much better connections.

Also, since we tend to frequent Marriott Hotels, we also get the benefit or free parking when we spend the night before our flight. A great deal when you’re on the road for 12 days!


What We Packed For Our Charter
Denver to Miami

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