Another Course Out Of The Way

I got one more course out of the way, The Maritime Radio Course, again through the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS).

As with most CPS courses you can complete The Maritime Radio Course at any one of a number of their Squadron location across Canada. Since we’re out of the country I had to order the course material through their online shop, study the material, take a written test via a trusted invigilator, and the verbal portion via Skype with a CPS official back in Canada.


The course give you the Restricted Operator Certificate – Maritime, or the ROC(M) with the Digital Selective Calling (DSC) endorsement. DSC is kind of like a phone number for operators of digital radios. You can read about all Radio Operator Certificates at the Industry Canada Site. There are many long governmental/bureaucratic explanations, but in short, as where the  Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate Course allows you to operate a boat in Canadian waters, the ROC(M) allows you to talk on a Maritime Radio in Canadian waters or a station ashore.

Similar regulations exist in US waters, as well as other countries. The International telecommunications Union (ITU) covers what regulations exist and whether a stations licence may be required on top of you ROC(M). In the US, for example, both are required. There are exemptions to a station licence in Canada, but since we are a long way from owning a boat of own, we are worried about this for now.

In 2000, Industry Canada delegated the examination and administration of the ROC(M) certification program to CPS. Courses for this certificate are developed and delivered by private examiners and/or instructors associated with CPS. Application for this certificate can be obtained from CPS, and certificates are issued by CPS. Certificates are valid for life and there is no renewal requirement. once you pass your exam, they will send in your application, and you accreditation will arrive in the mail.


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