Get Her On Board

Get HerTwo days after finishing my latest book, I  just finished another one by the same author, Get Her On Board by Nick O’Kelly.

Advertised as a man’s guide to sharing The Cruising Dream with your wife, and keeping her happy once she’s on board. I figured this could be educational material more important than knowing which end of the boat was the bow, so it would be worth having a look.

His last book, Live On The Margin written with Patrick Schulte of Bumfuzzle fame was an easy read, so I thought I would get right to it while I had a free weekend and good weather outside to enjoy.

201 pages, but a very quick read. Nick keeps it light, so it stays pleasant while tackling typical marital issues that will become greatly amplified on the (sometimes) stressful confines of a cruising vessel.

He kind of maintains typical gender roles while describing some of the situations couples may find themselves in on a boat, but if don’t get hung up (or offended) on that, and instead think about the solutions he proposes, I’m sure all will learn something that will help their relationship whether onboard or ashore.

Here is what Christa thought.

Live On The Margin
Another Course Out Of The Way

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