Black Friday Boat Shopping

One of the reasons that some people go sailing is to get away from the endless commercialization and conspicuous consumption so prevalent in everyone lives, especially this time of year.

Well, I was bored at the marina, still had the courtesy car and needed/wanted some things for the boat so off I went to Black Friday at West Marine (and a little Home Depot), so I’m still one of those people.

This also is where I could say that I was shopping to try and compensate for missing Christa so much, but she’s already cringing that I was alone at West Marine, so I won’t temp fate.

I ended up spending a bit more than planned, but it was all on sale so that makes it OK, right? Isn’t that how it works with shoes and hand-bags?

Here was the tally at the end of the day:

Floating painter for dinghy
70′ floating throw line for horse-shoe life saver
An initial Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for Christa
Four 3/4 X 25’ three strand dock line
Two 3/4 X 40′ three strand mooring lines
2 X welcome mats
Bahamas courtesy flag
Diver down flag
Stainless seizing wire
Non-skid deck cleaner
Handheld VHF
Deck wash port adapter
Toilet/tank conditioner
Deck wash soap
Stainless hose clamps

From Home Depot:

Expanding 50’ hose
RV/Marine 50′ vinyl hose
2 X spray nozzles
Coloured zip ties for marking anchor chain length
Magic Erasers
8′ stainless rear deck shower hose

There may have also been some other things order through Amazon, but that’s enough (for Christa) for tonight…

Main Salon Door Key
House (Boat) Warming Gift

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