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Here is the latest bunch of books to arrive courtesy of Amazon a few days ago. We come across the titles through various means, with no one real trusted source. Someone will mention a book they have read in a forum, or we’ll see a title form another blog site, Amazon will make a recommendation, this leads to more, etc. As we slowly get through our growing collection of books, the famous saying, “the more I learn the less I know” easily applies to us as well.

When John was involved in the Shelby Cobra replica scene, there was always the temptation to try chasing The Jones. You quickly realize this becomes a never ending temptation, and in that hobby a big money pit as well.  There will always be someone with a more powerful, faster, or <insert adjective here> car, so just enjoy what you can have yourself with your own skills and resources without going broke, or bald, trying to catch up with some unrealistic goal.

With sailing/cruising we are using the same philosophy. There will always be someone with more knowledge and experience than us, so at the moment we’re just trying to get from “not knowing what we don’t know” to a place where we “know what we don’t know” and try to keep ourselves out of trouble when we first step on a boat by ourselves.

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