Caribbean Christmas Cruise – Day 5, part 2

Our first dive on a wreck – we were excited! It was a short dingy ride from our anchorage at Salt Island to the RMS Rhone dive site. John was in charge of the Go Pro today and we were thrilled that all the boats at the site that morning had left so we would have the site to just the 4 of us. It was so convenient to have dive gear on our boat!



RMS Rhone is a famous dive site in the Virgin Islands. A plaque commemorates the site, and of course we had to pose for a few pics.  Not only did we get to explore sections of a sunken ship, we also saw huge lobsters and a turtle among lots of other fish. One cheeky little black fish was even trying to scare-off Diego! Currents were pretty strong in some spots, but we had encountered that on our dives in Maldives last March so we knew what to expect.



I always have trouble with my anti-fog…Argh!

Back onboard we enjoyed a hot shower and packed up for Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. We were surprised to see Olive was still anchored nearby. Our British friends who joined us for lunch, felt they could use a bit more time at anchor to get over the rest of their sea sickness before heading off in the monohull…again we were thrilled to be on a cat!

John was at the helm as we motored to Spanish Town and safely anchored. We dinghied into Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and John & I explored the marina while the crew went to the local grocery store to provision. We were impressed by all the cats at the marina, in particular a Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 52. (I wonder why they don’t call it a 520?) Curious about the differences between the Lagoon 450 and the 440 which we were on, we chatted with the occupants for a few moments, only to discover all they did was sleep on their boat as they prepared all their meals on the 52 since they were travelling together. It certainly did look more modern than our boat. We already have boat envy and we don’t even own one yet…

We also checked out the local bar with a live musician and decided that our favourite beer on this trip was definitely Presidente. Carib was second place, but the Budweiser tasted distinctly different than back home each time we tried it. Back on the Black Pearl, we enjoyed some tequila for John, wine for me, with delicious bruschetta. Then Chef Val outdid herself again with herb crusted porkloin with Virginia plum chutney, apple walnut wildrice and sautéed green beans with rosemary bread. Good food, good views, good boat, good company – a great way to end another delightful day in paradise!


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