Cruising Cost(s)

man-with-a-question-in-speech-bubble_318-62428[1] So we want to retire on a sailboat, a catamaran to be specific, and to be even more precise, likely a Lagoon 440 or 450. We just returned from a Christmas Cruise on a Lagoon 440, and we liked  our experience with it.

We’re still at the stage that we “don’t know what we don’t know” about the pros and cons of each as we haven’t spent enough time on other types to make an informed decision. That’s the main reason we are attending the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show in February this year. In the meantime, we can start to consider what cruising will cost us outside the purchase of the boat itself.

There are plenty examples you can find out there that will tell you cruising costs can range from $12,000 to $120,000 per year depending on an infinite number of variables. While we started to conceive of what this may mean for us, we received the latest newsletter from Dani & Tate on Sundowner that explains their 12 month cruising costs, Jan to Dec 2015. It has a great deal of information and is easy to understand.

We really appreciate that folks like Dani & Tate provide such great information for the rest of us.

Thanks guys!

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