Facial at Manchioneel Bay, BVI

Just around the east corner from some of the more famous locations on Jost Van Dyke (JVT) is Manichioneel Bay and Long Bay which both offer good mooring and anchor locations (maps at the bottom of the page). If you switch to the satellite view on the second map, you can see the mooring field just off the pier at Foxy’s Taboo.

We got to the area about 1545 on 20 December, and there were a few balls left. Our dutiful Captain wanted to show us the so-called Bubbly Pool just a short walk from Taboo, and he also mentioned the “magical facial mud” that was prevalent along the walk to get there. He is a bit of a joker, so we didn’t know whether to take him serious or not, but we played along. There were indeed large clumps of a very fine, dense clay all along the path and the shore of the bay.


When we got back to the boat we took a piece about the size of my thumbnail, ground it up in a fine powder, then added a little water to make it a nice paste just perfect for a facial. What I thought was genuine enthusiasm about being pampered by her husband, quickly turned into hesitation once my concoction got close to her face. She eventually relented and let the master go to work.



Here she is all mudded up and feeling spoiled on the big boat, with a little extra blob on her nose since she was a difficult customer. She has such a wonderful husband…


And here she is all cleaned up after about 30 minutes drying time. Such a beautiful red glow. All natural and had nothing to do with the esthetician-in-training that was just working on her.


Here was our location on Google Maps

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