What’s for Lunch?

While vacationing on the Lagoon 440, I was quite impressed with the galley. And not just for how spacious it felt, due to the saloon layout that allowed great views of the ocean while preparing meals, but also for the variety and quality of food that could be prepared. There good ventilation with the constant wind we had through out the week. It was amazing how much heat you could feel moving over the aft deck with someone working over the stove. I can imagine it would be oppressive in calm winds in a galley-down arrangement or a small monohull.


There’s also a superb “pantry” along the corridor on the port-side pontoon and decent cabinet space in the galley. It was nice to have sufficient counter & sink space to prepare food, dish-up plates, and stack dirty pots & bowls until clean-up time. Everything seemed to be within reach for easy preparation and cooking. The fact that there are 2 fridges plus a freezer definitely helps with being able to store lots of fresh fruit and vegetables – a definite must for John & I.   However, the oven doesn’t work well so it was augmented with an efficient toaster oven. We heard that this was a common problem for this model, but I never thought to make note of which one it was. A quick Google search didn’t yield anything useful. Anyone agree/disagree, or know more about them?


We were certainly capable of baking many scrumptious dishes, and even a coconut cream pie! On our boat I would need to ensure we had a properly functioning oven since I do love to bake (or stated more accurately, I love to eat baked treats). Another adjustment that I would want is a guard rail  around the burners so the pots are sure to stay on top of the stove where they belong. If they fell to the left, they would go all the way down on top of someone in the main stateroom!


During the week onboard, we never felt like we were “camping” and just eating whatever was simple to prepare from a tin can or on the BBQ. Although there was a BBQ, it was used to grill tenderloin and mahi steaks, not burgers & hotdogs. What impressed me the most was that it was actually possible to provision and feed 5 people for a week with a variety of delicious meals…accompanied by some really great wines of course!



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