After debating when the right time was for John to retire for perhaps the past 3 years, he just put in the memo today!

We had talked about it in passing for much longer than that, but after we decided we wanted to go sailing (and started this blog) without really knowing what that meant in a practical sense at the time, the cruising clock started ticking.

Likely the last two mental hurdles occurred recently which convinced us now was the time to go: Another great charter in the BVI, and the fact that there were no more exotic locations on the horizon where John would be moving with work anytime soon.

Another consideration was that three deaths in our inner circle in the past year (including John’s dad) convinced us that we didn’t want to kick this can down the road any longer, lest we waited too long.

We could also spend as long as 5 years or more away and still return young enough to work if we wanted to…or needed to because we spent all our money!

So it just got real, and there’s lots to do.

Wow, here we go!



Strictly Sail Miami
Back to Work!

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