Lake Worth

It was definitely time to get away from the noise and grime of the boat yard, and this will be our first night alone at anchor without adult supervision.

We traveled north to Lake Worth, and anchored just outside West Palm Beach. There wasn’t really any of wind so had to motor the whole way. Something sampled our lure and got our attention for a second, but no real excitement on the fishing rod. As we passed Mar-a-Lago The Trumps didn’t call us over for a drink unfortunately.

We dropped anchor mid-afternoon after sneaking through some heavy construction in the Palm Beach inlet.

We spent about two hours scrubbing the grim off the boat that accumulated in the boat yard. It will likely be another 2-3 washes before we’re happy with it.

This is Christa ignoring our rule that you have to stop working at sunset for a sun-downer.

Yes, I took a picture of you scrubbing the boat.

The awesome sound of no power tools nor airliners overhead…

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