One More Move?

We’ve only been in this house since June 1st, and on November 17th the packager are coming before we move out on the 18th.

John has put a big dent in getting rid of our stuff/junk between selling items online (eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Kijiji) and taking stuff to Goodwill.

This past weekend we rented a UHaul cube van to take a bunch of items to my sister and her family waaaaaay down in New Brunswick. The 10+ hour drive added to John’s already excessive drive from Fort Lauderdale to Ottawa earlier that week, so by the end he had had enough for a while.

The trip to NB did give us an opportunity to visit both my family in Meductic (the not-so-famous home of Sabian Cymbals), and John’s family in Dieppe so that was was a definite plus.

In essence, these are the last stages of our previous lives (and government moves) before my move aboard our recently purchased boat. One last move for a while? I can only hope!

We sat down and went over all the moves we have done since we got married in 2004. That was my “entry” into the military live and all the associated moves. The many many moves…

I even had a couple more than John since I have some interim moves while waiting to leave town, usually due to my work, before I caught up to him.

Here is the list:

2004 Fredericton NB to Lincoln NB (a suburb of Fredericton and into John’s house)
2005 Lincoln NB to Edmonton AB
2008 Edmonton AB to Ottawa ON
2011 Ottawa ON to Greely ON (suburb in friends house)
2011 Ottawa ON to St. Albert AB
2013 St. Albert AB to Edmonton AB Condo
2013 Edmonton AB Condo to Monterusciello (outside Naples) Italy
2015 Monterusciello Italy to Montgomery AL
2016 Montgomery AL to Colorado Springs CO
2017 Colorado Springs CO to Ottawa ON (renting a room)
2017 Ottawa ON to Ottawa ON (our current house)
2017 Colorado Springs CO to s/v Low Flite in Fort Lauderdale

Yup, once I’m on the boat, that will be 12 moves in 13 years. If I include the week or so at John’s sister’s house towards the end of this month, it’s actually 13 moves in 13 years!

I know John already has a very detailed list of items to cover once I join him on the 26th, but I’ve already told him…twice…that when I arrive I won’t be doing much more than vegging for the first week or so.

Key Largo to Dania Beach
Main Salon Door Key


  • Jim says:

    Christa karen and I thought you were moving back with us in greely in the interim, we have cleaned your previous room.

    • John Casey says:

      Hey Jim. Thanks for the very kind offer. Christa is in good hands with my sister’s family out in Carp…Although after a week of commuting from way out there, she may wish she had hung with the cool kids in Greely.

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