Maverick 440 – Miami Boat Show – Part 2

Part 2 of our original post here: Maverick 440 – Miami Boat Show

Rudi got back to me with some info and prices.

I asked him about one that was spec’d similar to BossaNova that we saw at the boat show. I have since found that very boat for sale here: BossaNova For Sale. We didn’t know it was for sale at the time.

A “cruise ready” boat which already includes the Generator, Water maker, 2x aircons and the upgraded motors the price is $579’518, add the extras similar to BossaNova $35’289, the total is $614’807.

He also sent the Production Schedule, and Optional Extras of which were to be completed to be the same as BossaNova.


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Lagoon 42 - Miami Boat Show - Part 2

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