Bareboat Charter Checklist


I tend to be a checklist guy, at least up to the point that an essential task is performed enough times to become routine or automatic BUT still have something to fall back on when you’re tired or need to verify.

We put all of our checklists on our Links Page and they’re in Word format so easy to modify and make them your own.

We’re heading to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) again this winter, and while we’ve always had someone else taking care of the boat for us on charter, this is the first time we’ll be on our own.

To try and be a bit more prepared, we plagiarized a few charter checklists and came up with our own Bareboat Charter Checklist.

We put it together from a number of sources we found online. The most prominent were Travel Talk Online, and an American Sailing Association (ASA) book called Bareboat Cruising Made Easy.

See what you think, and please make suggestions for improvement.




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