Sailing Log Template

Some time before we moved aboard, I got ambitious and created a sailing log template on Adobe with ideas I got from a number of sources online. Our plan was to reproduce it on our printer as required when our existing RYA Logbooks ran our of room.

With the sailing in The Bahamas fairly consistent (if you watch the weather) with short legs, and us now used to the same routine everyday, we’ve switched to a simple ruled-page notebook and include all the same information, but with no pre-determined template.

The sailing log template can be found be on our downloads page, or the links on this page.

You’ll notice a some things are duplicated as we’re on a catamaran, so we have multiples of most standard systems.

Feel free to download it and use it and/or modify it specific to your needs.


Crossing the Gulf Stream
"I recognize you from your knot"

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