“I recognize you from your knot”

In Rock Sound, we were anchored off a place called Frigate’s Bar & Grill, which is a pretty good resto-bar and has a good sized dinghy dock that they let the cruisers use without cost.

Most people eat and/or drink there frequently as a thanks for letting us use their convenient location.

One time when we went ashore, a guy was kind of hanging around waiting for somebody, and after he watched me tie up he said, “I recognize you from your knot.”

Evidently he knows us from somewhere else due to my habit of tying a bowline, and doubling up the bitter end through the knot to take up some of the excess painter.┬áHe wasn’t much of a talker besides that initial greeting, so we don’t know if he was amused, concerned, or just looking for conversation.

I guess it’s kind of halfway between a bowline and a bowline on a bight; visually anyway, as the bight I create doesn’t do anything…except confuse/amuse people it seems.

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