I just noticed that we have not posted anything since March(!) when we were down in S. Florida, and now we’re surrounded by snow in mid-November…not in S. Florida.  Since then, we’re no closer to getting back on the water, at least on our own sailboat. In reality, we’re likely farther away.

While I was happy to keep living as a vagabond, Christa wanted some stability…in the form of a permanent home. So this past June we moved into a new (to us) water-front house, albeit on fresh water. Now that the weather is getting cold, I’ve had some on my hands so I decided to put together a website that expands on the Videos Page we have here on this site.

Back when we were thinking about going sailing, I was surprised/frustrated that there was no place online to find a good collection of sailing movies, or those that contained a sailing vessel as a major component of the film…at least none that I could find. There were Top 5, or Top 10 lists here-and-there, but nothing close to a proper repository or a comprehensive collection. So I decided to make one myself.

Before we moved on the boat, and while we had internet access while cruising, I would spend a couple minutes periodically trying to find a poster and description for a sailing movie and save it for some future purpose. This eventually led to a rudimentary website with no real plan and rather disjointed appearance. I’ve finally spent some time learning about WordPress and HTML Language, and while it’s not compete, it is to the point where it’s safe to publish <<<DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>

SAILINGMOVIES.NET – I won’t go into a detailed description as you can quickly figure it out on the main home page and/or by reading the Welcome Page which explains there are no frills, no bling, just a straight-up portal to where you can find the films and/or the actor, director, producer or writer associated with each.  I will however point out the icons that you’ll see from Amazon, eBay, Google Play, iTunes and Wikipedia that are below each film description.

amazon-badge[1]  ebay  google-play-badge[1]  itunes_logo[1]  

The ones from Amazon, iTunes and eBay contain affiliate links, for which we earn a very small amount as an associate from qualifying purchases after visiting our site. We don’t get any real money here, but I hope it will help pay for the site.  Please note this doesn’t cost you anything extra; we get a few cents up to a few dollars from the retailing site, if you buy something, as a thanks for directing traffic to them.

So please visit often and tell your friends 😉

There is also an email subscription function that will notify you of new arrivals once they’re posted.


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