We must have reached some arbitrary milestone on the net, as the site is now getting ridiculous amounts of spam comments every day.

When we first started there might have been 1 or so, every other day, and we were more than happy to delete them manually to avoid making any legitimate commenters have to go through that pain-in the-ass requirement of the “type what you see in the window” task that a lot of sites now use.

Well, we now have to do something, as the bots have found us. Friday night when John checked the site, there were 69 spam comments we had to delete. This morning there were 164!

We’re now trying Akismet as a spam filter, since it came with our WordPress account, which itself came with our GoDaddy hosting plan.

It is supposed to have two levels of learning – global and local. Local learning is taught by the site owner and occurs whenever something is marked as spam that Akismet thinks is not spam, and when something is marked as Not Spam and Akismet thinks it is. So Akismet learns what you like and don’t like.

We’ll see. It is supposed to be a solution without the annoying “type what you see in the window” and we can no longer deal with the spam bots as they appear.

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