Two In A Boat

I  just finished my first book that I deliberately selected to cover what we may need to know towards our cruising lifestyle. Two in a Boat was written by Gwenyth Lewis, the national poet of Whales, and covers their own decision to make a drastic change in their current lives, and head off for adventure on a boat they still had to purchase.

I finished the book quite quickly, and was constantly telling John about the situations they were finding themselves in along the way. As an admitted newbie to the sailing world, I was surprised these two educated people found themselves in the situations she describe, but at the same time felt that John and I must be able to survive the experience if these two did.

Check one book off the list. Many many more to go…

41-gBiRbLpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Here is what John thought.






Gulf Of Naples Sail

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