We Now Live On Our New Boat!

Well, one of us anyways…

After a leisurely 2.5 day drive from Ottawa with a mini van full of our stuff…by myself…I picked Christa up at the Miami airport and we tried to get some sleep before our acceptance of the vessel the morning of 19 Oct.

And there she is, right outside our room at the Holiday Inn Key Largo.

It’s an interesting although busy area, the end of a inland waterway/canal system (no locks) surrounded by a Holiday Inn and a Courtyard Marriot with dive and tour boats departing constantly. The electrical system at the marina is still spotty from the chaos caused during Hurricane Irma, so we ended up moving after a couple days.

It’s also home to The African Queen, the actual boat that was in the Bogart and Hepburn movie by the same name. We’re renting dock space by the people who restored and run tours on the boat. Very cool.

After about 30 mins of moving bins from the mini van, I had to stop from the pending heat stroke I could sense was imminent. It was 95F/35C and about 90% humidity for most of the day, so I was feeling it. Of course Christa was in the (cooler) lower level of the boat…with the a/c on(!)

We cleaned and put things away(ish) for the next three days, after which I took Christa back to the airport to fly home for her last month of work. <Nelson Voice> Ha! Ha!

Hopefully I’ll get some sailing in, but I’m batching it until the first week on November when I have to drive all the way back to Ottawa to return the rental mini van that I drove all the way down here.

Good plan we came up for me, no?


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