Waterproof Camera Float

41muCB3K+iL._AC_UL115_[1]Since we had ordered a new underwater camera for our charter over Christmas, I wanted to get some camera floats. One for the camera for when we were snorkeling or kayaking , and perhaps another as a spare or for whatever else we thought would be good to ensure against sinking when it fell overboard.

We found a 2 pack on Amazon Prime for $7.99. They can range as high as $20 in stores for just one, so around 8 bucks for a pair is a great price.

Well, the camera that we ordered, a SeaLife Micro 2.0, unfortunately didn’t arrive before we left, so no camera to attach these things to. Christa’s iPhone has a LifeProof LifeJacket so we didn’t need to use it there either.

So…a great price and delivered in 2 days, and then we never used them. I don’t want to return them as I’m sure they will come I handy at some point in the future. Anyone have some other clever uses for them in the meantime?


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