Who You Meet At The Dock

One of the many reasons we wanted to get into the cruising life was the inherent bouncing around (see what I did there?) from place to place, and the interesting people we’ll meet along the way. One such person happens to be our dock-mate while in Key Largo.

Keith is renting an apartment pending a move to Hawaii, and has a boat right off our bow that he is getting ready to sell. He is retired from his “real” job, and one of the things he has been doing to keep busy is to develop a couple of items under the moniker Voice in the Sea. Although we haven’t used them yet, they seem an interesting idea.

One is called Sea Toucan which let’s you talk to another person underwater without an expensive dive helmet or radio system. Just talk into the tube kind of like an underwater game of tin can telephone.

The other one is called Sea Narrator using the same principle that lets you talk to or…narrate a video with your GoPro camera while filling under water, either snorkel or SCUBA.

I don’t know if it will fit a knock-offs like the SJCam that we have, but once we get a little better established we’ll look into it.

We’ll report back once we have used them ourselves.


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